Custom Branded Products Can Help When a Company Is Considering a Name Change.

Brad Duarte – BRAVA Marketing Promotions


How do you change the name of your company without losing clients and starting all over again?


Maximize the opportunity of your name-change to rebrand your company and communicate to customers.


Some companies involve their customers and employees in deciding on the name change.  Creating excitement and energy – maybe a contest, can have a positive impact.


Manage the transition of name-change with a well thought out communication plan.  Decide what, when and how to tell all your stakeholders – employees,  clients (active and former),  suppliers, prospects, business associates and key members of your external community.


Decide whether to communicate in stages or announce in a big splash. Some marketers believe it’s best to unveil the change with a big splash with internal and external actions on the same day or same week. Some situations may call for a more gradual introduction – using both names for awhile.


A highly effective strategy is to send letters to clients and key stakeholders explaining the logic behind the change – how it better reflects the product or services.  Send reminder notes in invoices and promotional emails and mailers.


Name-change actions will require the launch of a new (or updated) website, new building signage, new letterhead, business cards and email signatures.


Coordinate your press releases with social media posts.


Use targeted promotional products to support your name-change initiatives. Make sure your sales force has plenty of great “leave behinds” with extended shelf-life that show off your new company name and logo. Reach out to past clients with an exciting promotional product – a great opportunity re-engage.


Planning an event to announce the name change? Make sure you have plenty of custom imprinted promotional products to go around.


Select custom branded merchandise your customers and employees will be excited to receive.  Choose items that reflect your new brand image.  Think high quality, trend setter, thought-leader, cool factor…


Get creative!


BRAVA Marketing Promotions offers more than 400,000 unique custom imprinted promotional products to increase your organizations brand and marketing impact. Contact us at 877-239-1227 toll free for ideas on the best values in results oriented promotional marketing items.

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