Why a Promotional Keychain Would LOVE an LED Light to Make It Cool

Let’s face it: a promotional keychain at an event or summit in a swag bag gets a bit tired, and you know the drill — it’s branded marketing, getting the logo and name out, and everyone understands the meaning. The thing about a keychain is that it goes right on what we all use every day: our keys. You see the principle there?

That’s Why a Promotional Keychain Still Is a Hot Item in Today’s Custom Printed Market!

Too many keychains, though, can bulk it up a little too much for the troubled client or customer, which is why saturation spells doom for your brand unless you can stand out a bit more. Thanks to BRAVA Marketing, though, you have the added feature to help you stand out. LED lights! And here’s the bonus — it’s practical and useful.

We’re willing to bet you have a set of keys and only one of those keychains has an actual LED light. There’s a reason for that — you only need one. That light’s helpful for a lot of reasons: finding your keyhole in the dark, making the cat go crazy. You name it. The use is there in full force.

So Why Not Make It a Part of Your Promotional Marketing Plan?

It works well for employees. Customers. Clients. Partners. A never-ending soiree of LED subtlety. And BRAVA Marketing has it all right here. Moreover, believe it or not, but LED serves plenty of purposes regarding the promotional LED product, and you can find a lot of other options here. Contact us today for more information, and we’ll be glad to help you find the product that’s more you than anyone else.

Chances are good, though, the keychain unlocks the door to you. Good thing you’ve got the LED light to help you find that keyhole, though.

The Custom Pen Goes the Extra Mile With an LED Light

Traditionally, a custom pen, printed with a logo, says a lot about a company. But did you know that with BRAVA Marketing you can bring it up a notch with a technology already remaining as a staple with great gifts, corporate and practical? Here’s the scoop:

LED Light Makes the Custom Pen That Much Cooler

Case in point: if you want to impress employees, customers, clients, partners, and anyone else in your company, it wouldn’t hurt to have that additional USP with your promotional marketing. You’ve seen them before: the custom pen with an LED light.

This takes the marketing and competitive game out of the  box and into your advantage for several reasons. One, the pen now has a little something extra, extra into the fold, making it not only an ideal gift, but a handy item for the most interesting of situations. Why do you think these knickknack products still sell well from a commercial standpoint?

Therefore…. Why not strategically stock up on these promotional gifts as a way to retain your customers and promote employee morale? Makes a difference. And sells the name, the reputation, with gusto.

Pens represent the most ideal usage in any setting, let alone the corporate atmosphere. Everyone wants or needs a pen. it’s almost like a lifeline for communication. The fact that that one tiny feature is added ups the value — and, therefore, ups the value of your brand. So why not try this product out as part of your promotional marketing plans?

And We Have Plenty of Options Available

All you need to do is click here for a detailed list of options. A variety of designs. A plethora of LED products at your fingertips. Contact us today for more information, and let’s get you going on the epitome of LED products. Arguably the top choice in the market. The custom pen.

2 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness With a Cocktail Shaker(?)

It’s true! You can definitely make a statement with either a client, customer, or employee — just from one promotional gift. And that promotional gift can be, very easily, a cocktail shaker! Of all things….

The Fact Is Many Professionals and Millennials Do a Lot of Celebrating

And that celebrating can require cocktails. Wet bars. Liquor. You can imagine the look on your client’s face when they receive a promotional gift for doing business, and that gift happens to be a branded cocktail shaker.

The question, though, then remains: just how effective is a promotional cocktail shaker for marketing purposes? Plenty effective, actually.

For One Thing: Bars Benefit Tremendously With Just One Cocktail Shaker Sitting in the Drinks Displaycocktail shaker

And that’s all it takes. Customers see the brand on there. They’ll recognize. It’s basically free advertising, and you can learn more right here about the demographics and the fact that you have a guaranteed revenue booster that’ll last a lifetime for as long as you have those cocktail shakers.

The Bar Staff Also Benefits From Actually Using a Cocktail Shaker

There are several possibilities on how such a promotional gift can benefit an individual (or business). Sure, it’s fun (everyone loves to mix a drink, right?). But there’s so much more to it as you stand there by the bar, shaking the cocktail with a brand marketed right there. Check out more of the insight right now.

In a Nutshell, Though, One Thing’s for Sure

The branded cocktail shaker makes for a great gift anyway. For anyone. From anyone! The fun of it almost outpaces the actual value of it from a business perspective. Don’t discount just how cool it would be to have your very own cocktail shaker featuring any brand you want, and it would apply to just about any industry or market!

Come to think of it…. That’s probably the best benefit of a promotional cocktail shaker: versatility.

Learn more about BRAVA Marketing here, and as always you can contact us immediately. View some of the many options we have in cocktail shakers as well! And start mixin’.

How to Be a Branded Bartender With Cocktail Shakers

We all want to be the snazzy, cool branded bartender at the hip bar shaking drinks and dancing to the music while the crowd loves you. Just remember — Tom Cruise did it. Why not you? As a business owner, you cater to yourself as a brand. Maybe you don’t actually own the bar you tend, but you certainly own your technique, and guess what:

Those Customers Are Watching You

You are a performer. You’re a showman. You are the reason why people come to the bar — to see you make and give the drinks. Because you’ve developed your own personal brand of awesomeness at the bar you happen to tend, it would make sense to consider perhaps branded bartendergetting your own line of cocktail shakers with your name on it.

What does that do? It leaves a lasting impression on your customers — that’s what it does. Not only are you promoting the success of the bar or nightclub, but you’re promoting the success of you as a valued employee, contractor, and actual celebrity of the nightlife!

What happens when you throw around those shakers, cups and glasses, performing for the crowds? They watch you. They see you doing that with cocktail shakers that actually have your name — or your brand — on it. You, of course, have to make sure it’s kosher with the bar or nightclub you’re working in, to use a cocktail shaker that isn’t solely branded with the business itself, but all in all, if you get the people in the doors for your martinis, chances are pretty good the owner(s) would practically encourage you to use your own stuff.

It saves them revenue. Think about it.

If You Like the Idea of Being an Awesome Branded Bartender, Consider This:

BRAVA Marketing has the options for you. Simply contact us right now, and we can get you started. You can browse all sorts of styles right here. Once you’re done, though, you can say EAT YOUR HEART OUT to Tom Cruise and become the next mixologist to the stars, flipping drinks and taking all the tips you want.